Is There a Negative SEO and What can it do?

Negative SEO has been a critical subject within the business of online and advanced marketing today since it is a significant issue. Be that as it may, many individuals have known about this issue, not exactly the same number of understanding it. Negative SEO has been around for a long time now, and it can be characterized in various diverse ways. By and large, the vast majority recommend that it is the act of implementing black-hat techniques for SEO on another site. Regularly, SEO assaults might be launched by competitors who try to decrease the search engine rankings of their competition.

Basically, negative SEO can be anything that would hurt your brand reputation, traffic or visibility online.

Google's Input

Most webmasters and advertisers have expressed worries about whether Google is considering the presence of negative SEO important. Matt Cutts, be that as it may, has discharged an announcement recommending that few individuals will really utilize negative SEO, and even less will be successful in their goal.


Additionally, in 2012, Google released a website admin instrument that enables individuals to disavow or deny backlinks to their webpage. For instance, if a webmaster is notified of unnatural connections being posted on their webpage, or spam, at that point they will have the chance to disavow domains and links. This can help Google to address the issue at its root.

The Opinion of the Online Community

Despite the fact that Google has made endeavors to console the online group, there is as yet noteworthy distrust with respect to the horror of negative SEO, and it's capability to demolish an organization's online presence. Because of this, numerous SEO organizations are endeavoring to teach the online group effectively by giving articles on the best way to screen negative SEO, and take measures against the individuals who endeavor it.


There are a few approaches to ensure your site, and the first is setting up email cautions inside your webmaster account, with the goal that all issues and data in regards to your site is continually kept to the front of your mind. Different strategies for preventing negative SEO can incorporate expelling suspicious backlinks, securing your site from programmers and malware, and observing the backlinks on your site.